WELCOME- Painted Dream Spanish Mustangs consists of Jay and Casi Lark and our wonderful horses on a 40 acre farm in Pulaski, Wisconsin.  We are raising pure Spanish Mustangs to help preserve this rare breed that has been the foundaton of so many other American breeds, and promote this extremely usable, versatile, and sweet-tempered horse.

The Spanish Mustang is truly a Spanish treasure born and raised in America.
Critically rare breed:  Descended of the horse of the Conquistadors, Indian buffalo hunters and war ponies, cavalry mounts and Pony Express ponies to wild horse of the West, this breed has a rich and illustrious history that forms an important part of our American Heritage. Thanks to a handful of dedicated breeders, who have made it their life's work to preserve these special horses, the breed is still in existence today, albeit on the critical list of rare breeds.  - SMR website
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